Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking a Moment ~ Halloween

Taking a moment before I get started on everything I need to finish before the big Halloween bash Friday night. There's cookies to be made, table cloths to be ironed, tables to be decorated, goodie bags to be filled, food to prepare and all those last minute details. So......before I get started I decided to take a moment and relax with a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha & a zucchini muffin.
Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween weekend.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Night in Luxury & Heading Home

Heading towards Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit my niece but we have two stops before we get there. My husband saw this Luxury Resort and Casino in a New Mexico travel magazine and decided we should stop there for the night. It is just outside Ruidoso, New Mexico ~ "The Inn of the Mountain Gods." He decided to get the Suite; my son was excited about that - I think we all were after the place we stayed in near the Caverns. Luxury......wish we had arrive here a few hours earlier. It was late afternoon and we were hungry so we hit the buffet ~ I can't say the buffet was anything to write home about but the rest of the hotel was nice. There was a small game room where my son quickly found a friend to hang with, the casino was fun ~ did not win my fortune and the jacuzzi bath tub which we all took turns taking a bath in was heaven. The view from the hotel lobby was gorgeous and from our balcony's in our room. My husband wishing he had brought his golf clubs!
Our next stop was White Sands, New Mexico (New Mexico sure is big!). This was awesome and if you ever are in this area take the time to at least drive through. At first I was not too impressed but as we got further down the road what a sight. Nothing but pure white sand ~ beautiful. You can stop along the road and get out, you can even slide down the hills on those round sled things (can not remember the name of them), you can stop and have a picnic lunch. It was warm and the sun beaming off the pure white sand was almost blinding.
My son running to the top of the sand mountain. Made it to the top! The drive today seemed very long. Each day my husband drove quite a few miles/hours. We finally get near the exit to my nieces and we have a delay ~ They are filming a movie so the traffic gets rerouted - took us an extra hour to get to her house. We planned on only stopping by for an hour or so (we will see them at Christmas). We had a nice visit, son got to see one of his 2nd cousins that he has not seen since last Christmas. Then it was back on the road. We were suppose to stop in Arizona but decided to drive the entire way home. Talk about a LONG drive. I took over the wheel for about an hour or so.

Have any of you been to see "The Thing?? We stopped to see it a few years ago and on the way home we stopped there to get gas but it was evening and The Thing was sleeping so we could not go see it.

We arrived home early morning, tired as can be. We had a great time and alot of fun along the way. It was good to be home!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aliens in Roswell

After we left Carlsbad we continued our adventure towards Roswell, New Mexico. You all know what that place is about don't you? My husband and son were so looking forward to going here. We went to the UFO Museum to look at what they have. This town seems very small, I did not see a hotel in sight; yet people say in July they have a huge Alien Convention and thousands of people attend from all over the world.. it made me wonder......where do they stay, what do they do, where in the world do they congregate? I guess it is a mystery just like the Roswell incident. I don't think this place was exactly what we imagined, but nevertheless insteresting.A cute little trailer I snapped a picture of, it was parked across the street from the museum.After an hour or two we were back on the road. We were driving along and all of a sudden my dear husband pulls off the road and stopped at this place.
Seeing all these green statues kinda freeked me out but they were so cute and I wanted to take one home with me. After looking at them close up and realizing I did not need a $100.00 Bright green statue sitting in my yard I decided to leave the green people here. This store had a little bit of everything antiques, vintage and lots of stuff for the yard.

Our Road Trip Continues

Left Tenaha early Sunday morning and headed toward Dallas. Here we will visit the Book Depository museum and the place where JFK was shot. They have the road marked with 2 X's to show where the car was when JFK was shot.

It took us maybe a little over an hour to go through the museum and then we headed towards New Mexico. We arrived in the town before you go towards the Caverns and we got a hotel room and then we headed towards the caverns so we could watch the bats fly. This is a sight to see! This was not our first trip to Carlsbad Caverns but it was only our second time seeing the bats fly out of the cave. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take any type of photos. If you have never seen this it is well worth the wait. This night they flew about 6:15pm - Thousands of tiny bats flying out of the cave opening heading out towards New Mexico to eat.

While we were walking back to the truck after seeing the bats we saw this little guy. It was dusk now and we saw several running around this guy was munching on something and could careless that we were taking photos of him.

The next morning we went back to Carlsbad to go down into the cavern. This is incredible to see as well. These pictures don't do it justice. It is alot of walking and a bit chilly down in the cave but so worth it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Galveston, Texas ~ A Side Trip

After we were done at NASA my husband started driving towards Galveston, Texas. I said "Thought we were heading back to your parents place?" He just kept driving. He wanted to show me Galveston. Yes folks there is a beach town in Texas ~ it's not just a California thing!

Let me remind you it is raining so hard about this time. He takes me down to where the Cruise Ships dock to board; there were non docked today and right down the way is the fishing boats and a place where the fisherman take their fish ~ I thought that was pretty cool. Then we headed to the beach as we drove through what looked like an old downtown - some pretty old and cute buildings, houses, businesses. The surfers were out in the water with it pouring rain catching those waves. Course I am from California so the rain in Texas is like a flood to me!

I was taking these pictures as we drove by because I did not want to get drenched.

It amazes me how many cemeteries we saw throughout out trip. They seem to be right there on the side of the road in some areas. I guess the cemeteries were there first and the towns just built up around them.
On the way back we passed the Greyhound Racetrack ~ my husband wanted to stop but it was cloased.

Long drive back to Teneha, TX. We made it back by late evening. The next day we had a barbecue with some more relatives - Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. This was a nice day, it stopped raining, we all had a good visit, ate too much again. Our son was a little bored because there were no kids his age but he made it through the day. After 7 days we are heading back home with a few stops along the way. Stay tuned.......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Texas ~ Down to Houston

We took a two day trip down to Houston to see some other relatives on my husband's side. Houston is about a 2 to 3 hour trip from where my in laws live. So......on the road again........

My 13 year old son sure is a good traveler ~ not a "Are we there Yet?" out of him. He kept occupied with either napping or watching movies. We had a good day with the relatives, they barbecued and we all ate, talked and had a great visit. I had never met these relatives before but they were so nice and I loved them all. It was a hot, humid day but it was cool in the house. That late afternoon we drove down to where NASA is and got a hotel room for the night.

In the morning we drove the rest of the way to NASA. The sky looked very dark and scary. We decided we better get on the tram first in case it starts raining ~ good idea after our tram ride they canceled any further trams from going out due to the weather - big storm coming in.
Here are a few photos I took while visiting.

It was an interesting visit to NASA and I suggest if you are ever in the area you take the time to stop by.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Road Trip to Texas

During my sons two week break off school we went on a road trip to Texas to visit my husbands relatives. The minute we drove out of California and into Arizona we hit rain, it continued to rain through New Mexico, and Texas. It was a steady rain or mist the entire drive. I blamed it on my husband because he had just washed and waxed the truck. Saw lots of these on the road once we hit Texas.
We passed a large sign that said "Canton" on it and when I saw it I yelled out "This is where Canton is" my husband thought I was crazy. I missed taking a picture of the Canton advertisement but I got this shot.
Texas was very green and we saw a lot of cows. We also saw a farm that had some animals you don't see everyday - camels, zebra, giraffes, donkeys, and horses. You could see them from the road but again I did not have camera in hand nor did I expect to see that. I must of dozed off for a few seconds and when I awoke I looked over to see this looking straight at me - I grabbed my camera and took this shot. A long drive with one stop Saturday evening to get a nights rest before we drove some more. We were heading to the small town of Teneha. My in-laws live out in the middle of no where land on 40 acres with trees surrounding their property. I must say it is peaceful, relaxing and very pretty.
Not there yet....almost.......
It had been raining earlier and the dirt road was now muddy, wet and the truck was slipping and sliding as we went down the road. My son got a kick out of it - me not so much. And then Finally we arrived at the driveway entrance.

It was good to finally arrive at our first destination. We had some Hot, humid weather but most days it was misting or raining. Ruined our plans to go boating, although the guys went out one day to try and fish but the weather turned quickly to rain and it was very windy so they came back in. We lost power one evening - time to get out the generator. We got to see alot of deer coming into the property from behind the trees and that was a very awesome sight. Unfortunately each time we saw them by time I went to grab the camera they had run away. I decided to go with my mother in law one day on her morning walk. Little did I know she walks forever! About 10 minutes into the walk she looks at me and says "Don't step on the snake"!! Let me tell you I stopped dead in my tracks in the nick of time.....This snake was coiled up and ready to attack!! heart was now pounding not only from walking so fast but from that incident. I wanted to turn back so bad but kept going. That was it for me No More walking with the mother in law! I really enjoy visiting and love my in laws but this City Girl could never make it living this far into the country.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Things are Shrinking

I went to the local store to pick up a few household items. I could not find the toilet paper I normally buy and then noticed they changed the packaging to pink to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure (I'd rather purchase something wrapped in pink) ~ that is a good thing. But when I got home and took it out of the package I noticed it was smaller than the rolls I usually purchase from this brand. The price has gone up and the product has shrunk! I snapped the photo only so you could see the difference. Have any of you out there noticed this with any of the products you purchase? I know... what a thing to post on a blog but is it really less or is it just shorter? Something to ponder.