Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and may the New Year be good to you

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Many Faces of a Snowman

There are so many different types of snowmen and over the years I have collected a few. Out of all the Christmas decorations snowmen are my favorite. Each year as we get out the bins full of decorations, I look forward to seeing all the snowmen; they are all so cute and always bring a smile to my face. The one above is a nesting/stacking box that I received presents in one year and I decided it was too cute so I use it for a decoration by the front door. This snowman and snowlady play music and dance ~ they are adorable.
This little guy has the happiest face. He is all ready for a cold winter's day in his sweater, scarf and hat.

These two are happy and sit on a shelf in my kitchen. The one on the left is an oil burner and the other is a tea light holder.

Then there is my tall wooden snowman that I really like with three other ceramic snowmen. They are hanging out together only for the photo.

This little guy is a golfing snowman and a stocking hanger. When I found this cute guy in a store it was pefect for my son who at the time was 4 years old and golfing. He has been golfing since he was 3 and is now 13. And his stocking still gets hung on the mantel with this golfing snowman.Then there are the snowman tree ornaments. So cute, I must have more somewhere but I only put half the ornaments on the tree this year.
This is a mug set I received as a present from one of my sons elementary school teachers a few years back for helping her in the classroom. It is very cute and she had filled it with various packets of hot cocoa mix. So nice!

These two guys are cute. One has boots on and the other is wearing ice skates! Can you just imagine these two walking and skating around?

A few others that normally reside somewhere in the house. This year they will all be sitting on a couch in my living room with their friends the reindeer, santa and Christmas bears.

And finally a roly poly snowman and a snowman musical box. These were both given to me as presents. The musical box was given to me by a neighbor.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the many faces of my snowmen.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving has come and gone and so are the leftovers (thank goodness!) and here we are two days into December. There seems to be so many things going on in December that the days just fly by and Christmas morning is here before you can blink an eye. Our tree is up yet not fully decorated, the house is decorated but still some to do, got a start on my Christmas cards and actually sent some out but of course there is more to write, shopping was started but not yet finished. Everything seems to be half done yet every year it all comes together some way some how. How will you spend your days following up to Christmas morning?