Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Recently I was going through an old box of stuff and found this book. "ESAR'S COMIC DICTIONARY" by Evan Esar and published by Harvest House, New York-Copyright 1943.   In the Foreword there is a paragraph that states "This dictionary is the outgrowth of a private collection of original comic definitions and epigrams which comprised a small "comictionary." This book is similar to a dictionary but funny  or I probably should say "off the wall" humor.  Here are a few samples from the inside pages:

appetite. When a man loses his appetite temporarily, he's in love' when he loses it permanently, he's married.

birthday cake. If you want to make light of your age, put candles on your birthday cake. 2. The design on a woman's birthday cake is often beautiful, but the arithmetic is terrible.

funny.  Everything is funny so long as it is happening to somebody else.

happiness.1. Something that depends not on position but on disposition.  2.  A man never knows what real happiness is until he gets married, and then it is too late.  3.  Happiness has one great advatage over wealth; friends don't try to borrow it.

pretzel manufacturer.  The man who makes crooked dough and still remains within the law.

Rip Van Winkle.  The man who was able to sleep for twenty years beacause his neighbors had no radios.

Weather.  Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.  2. When the tourist says the weather is rotten, the native says it's unusual.

This is a book I will take my time and thumb through every once in a while.  Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the "OLD" smell??

Monday, February 15, 2010


A perfect Valentines Day.  Husband made a yummy breakfast.  I received roses and chocolate and a few other goodies from my two guys (husband & son).  Had a very relaxing day just hanging out watching the Winter Olympics.  Husband made a fabulous Steak dinner on the BBQ and carrot cake for dessert.
What more could a gal want? 

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ipod and The Facts

The last couple days my son has been carrying around his Ipod and blurting out "Cool Facts" ~ some site that he found recently.  This morning after he got ready for school he started again......I decided to write down a few and share them with you on this wonderful Monday morning.

  ~ Albert Einstein never wore socks
  ~ Flemingos can only eat with their heads upside down
 ~ The face of a penney can hold about 30 drops of water
 ~ The liquid inside a young coconut can be used for substitute of blood plasma
 ~ Pearls will melt in vinegar
 ~ It takes 100 pounds of rain water to produce a single pound of food from the earth
 ~ Each day up to 150 species of life become extinct
 ~Car airbags kill 1 person for every 22 lives they save
 ~Frogs sometimes eat enough fire flies that they themselves sometimes glow
 ~The government spent $277,000 on pickle research in 1993  ???  WHAT??
 ~ In ancient Japan public contests were held to see who could fart the loudest & longest

After hearing the last two I decided that was about enough of the fun facts for one day.

Have a Great Week!