Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Days of Summer and an Unplanned Trip

Where have the days gone?  Summer has felt like a whirlwind and we have not done half the things we wanted to do.  June was graduation, family birthday get togethers, High School registration.  July ......our son turned 14! Hard to believe. A family party, a friend pool party/sleep over with 10 of my sons friends - am I crazy?

It did go well and all had a fun time. 

This is a live statue.

Only 100 degrees at 9:00pm!!
An unplanned trip to Las Vegas for five days.  Fun.....if you like 118 degree weather!  We saw Lance Burton the magician.  He put on a fabulous show turning his girls into birds and levitating his car. Hmmm wonder how they do that?  My sister and her family met us there a few days later.  We shopped, took in some of the sights,we took a gondola ride at the Venetian,  did some gambling, took the kids to do fun kid stuff.  The husbands golfed two days in a row.  Who in the heck wants to go out in the heat of the day to hit a little white ball around - they must be nuts!!  A trip to the old downtown area was fun but crazy. If you have never seen the light show with the music it is fun.  The last time we went to Vegas it seemed more family oriented; not so much this time.  More geared toward those crazy drinking twenty and thirty something people.  The clothes, the shoes.....oh my......maybe I am just getting old. We had a fun time but we all were so tired by time we arrived home.  It is nice getting away but it is always nicer returning home.  Saw several trucks like this on the way home.  Do you see them? The trucks were filled with Pigs!  I have never seen trucks filled with pigs only cows.

My husband and I celebrated 19 years of marriage on July 27th.  We were going to go out but decided to have a quite evening at home so we made a nice steak dinner and relaxed.
Not much longer and school will be back in session.  My son has band camp the next two weeks and it is long days for him.  9:00am to 9:00pm.  He will be in the High School marching band.  He has been playing the Saxophone since 5th grade.  Have your summer days flown by as quickly as ours??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last weekend we inherited an African Cichlid fish.  It has been in a tank where my nephew works for several years.  The people in the office decided he needed to be gotten rid of.  Some were thinking of throwing him in the bay but others said No you will change the echo system.  My nephew asked me if we wanted it since our fish tank had no other fish in it at the time.  He explained to me that this fish was a little wild.  I said what the heck bring it to me.  First off this fish was larger than I expected but our tank would work out long as this was the only fish we had.  Apparently the tank at nephews work had other fish in it at one time and this one fish got rid of them all! Yikes.  The fish immediately started to rearrange things, uprooting the plants, moving the skull and shark I had in the tank.  The second day he was here  - I was in the kitchen and I heard this loud horrible humming sound - the fish had pulled the entire water filtration system off.  Husband came in and fixed things.  He also has been moving the rocks around; takes them in his mouth and spits them at the glass so I keep hearing rocks pounding on the glass.  He has them piled pretty high now.  He is a pretty awesome fish, pure black with some silver stripping. I just hope he survives and doesn't break out! I think he is liking his new home.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Laid to rest

My dear friend Debbie was laid to rest today.  Over the past eight days since her death I have gone over in my head a million times thinking about all the good times we had together,  the last time we spoke or saw each other.  Although we were good friends I thought of things I may have never known about her.  I have cried alot and felt so much sadness and keep asking why.  I know I must pick myself up and continue on.  Rest in peace my friend until we meet again.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Friend Taken

It was only nine days ago I received word that my dear friend was in the hospital, and eight days ago she was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.  Today at noon my dear friend passed away.  I have no words to express how I am feeling. I can only say my heart and my prayers go out to her husband, her two daughters, her mother, and her siblings.  I loved you like a sister and I will miss you dearly my friend.