Monday, November 29, 2010

Chilly and Catching up

It has been down right chilly here is Southern California! You laugh.....This is cold for us here.  The sun is shining this morning but the nip in the air is enough to chill you to the bone.  Time for a hot cup of tea and to start decorating for Christmas.  I am a little off schedule this year.  Normally everything is up and done right after Thanksgiving.  I have some catching up to do today.  Hopefully rushing around will keep me warm.  Have a wonderful day no matter what you might be up to. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. 

A wild, rainy but fun weekend in Arcadia

We started out by meeting at my sons school at 3:30am Saturday morning.  The Seniors had the band room all toilet papered - I guess this is what they do they day of their last marching performance. A Sign was left for my son on our porch. 

The marching band heading for Arcadia for the big Festival of Bands Parade and Field Show.  My husband and I are volunteers and once we arrived we had to unpack and set up camp for the kids arrival.  Once the kids arrived they are into their band uniforms and practicing. It was a rainy cold day.  I walked the 2 miles parade route along with some others while getting drenched.  Our kids did a wonderful job in their parade routine even though it was pouring rain.  Back to the buses and onto Citrus College where the Field show would take place.  Everything a wet mess. 

The kids had some down time where they were fed and able to relax a bit.  Thankfully the rain had stopped for a while until our marching band took the soon as the kids marched onto the field the skies opened up but that did not stop them from putting on an excellent show.  It was sad because as soon as they were done and marched off the field the rain stopped! It was a crazy day; a very long day. We finished up and packed up and headed over to the hotel we would be staying in overnight.  With one of the charter bus drivers getting lost for over a half hour we waited for the kids arrival it was about midnight by then. 

Next morning it was up early for breakfast and on to Disneyland where the marching band would get to have some fun and then march down main street.  It was so awesome seeing these kids marching and performing at Disneyland ~ So proud of our son.  The kids then enjoyed Disneyland at night and then boarded the buses that would bring them back to school around midnight.  Kids did have school Monday morning bright and early.  These kids are amazing!!  What a wonderful but tiring weekend we had.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My father in law had heart surgery this morning.  He lives in Texas so we were not able to be there with him.  His surgery went well  and I just want him to know that our prayers and thoughts are with him.  Hoping in the days ahead he feels better and has a speedy recovery.
We love you!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


After a busy week of gearing up for my sons Band Tournament this past Saturday it is time to get in gear for Thanksgiving.  For those of you that have or have had kids in High School Marching band you know it is very demanding and busy during the fall.  To watch as the High Schools from near and far get out there and do their performances - it is just amazing.  Tournament days are long days and being a parent that volunteers it is tiring but so rewarding.  Prior to Thanksgiving we have two more tournaments one close to home and another up in Arcadia and then the next day the kids will be performing in the Disneyland Parade ~ yes an overnight trip......yikes...not sure I am ready for this one!  Off to decorate the house for Thanksgiving.