Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Technology Issues

The holidays have come and gone and January is in its last weeks; the time has swiftly passed.  The last four months have been a technology nightmare.  My computer got a serious virus and in an instant before my eyes my files, photos and everything disappeared.  I felt my heart sink.  My thoughts were I should of backed up those files,  After a few days of trying to fix this problem myself I decided to take my computer to a certain store to have them try to retrieve my files, and get rid of the virus.  Three weeks later I picked up my computer and it appeared my files were found, it also appeared the virus was still doing something to my computer.  Encountering problem after problem and not wanting to take my computer back to this store I ended up wiping my entire computer clean and started from scratch.  Technology is wonderful when it works but when it starts acting up it can be a big pain! Hopefully my technology nightmare is over for now and I can move on.