Friday, May 18, 2012

Flowers, Yummy Food and a Tree on Fire

This past weekend was Mother's Day and I had a quiet day at home.  My husband barbecued a wonderful meal.  It was a relaxing day.  We had just finished eating when the doorbell rang, and rang.  I opened the door to find a panicked young lady pulling my hose and yelling the palm tree is on fire! I ran outside to see flames going up this incredibly tall Palm tree.  This tree is on City Property on the side of the road but could of caused danger to our house.  Our back neighbor was out with his hose, people were stopping, and the young girl continued to panic.   By time the fire department arrived the tree was engulfed in fire.  I did not realize how fast a Palm Tree could burn.

The fire department had us call Public Works to come check out the tree to see if it was safe......but I don't think they have been out yet.  A relaxing day, yummy food and a little excitement.....what more could a girl ask for.