Thursday, July 5, 2012

Non Stop Fun.......Busy

One last parade to celebrate Flag Day before the end of school

An awards ceremony that was set up to look like we were back at grade school.  Our son received three awards.  So proud of him.

Our son went on a ten day trip to the UK visiting London and Scotland.  The last night there they had a traditional Scottish dinner where my son and his friend wore kilts they had purchased.  Our son a picky eater with severe food allergies and Celiac did just fine.....he ate Haggis.......You Ate it??  His reply "Yes....I ate Haggis and I loved it" (if you don't know what haggis is it.)  I also found out he tried coffee, tea and Scottish Whiskey  (WHAT????)  He did not like any of them.  The drinking age in Scotland is 16 and in London it is 18.  He had a fantastic time, tried new things, went on the London Eye and says he wants to go back.  The Nervous mother that I am so happy he came home safe.  While our son was in the UK we took a short trip to Laughlin Nevada (No photos) we relaxed; had some fun; husband golfed in the 113 degree weather (Crazy golfers!).

We came home and it was my Nieces 6th grade graduation.  So I decided to get crafty.  See the money flower in the candy bouquet?

I made her a candy Lei.

My sister and I went to see the "Scorpions" in Concert.  And then we took our husbands and saw "Squeeze" and the "B52's" in concert.  I love the B52's!!  It was a fun time.

On June 30th my sister, her daughter (12) and two of her friends drove to Phoenix Arizona to an Iconic Boyz event that lasted three days.  Arriving a day early we stayed in a hotel about 10 minutes from where we would stay the rest of the weekend.  Rudely awakened at 5:00am by a blasting Fire Alarm.......I threw on my clothes and headed outside .......Six fire trucks arriving and no staff in sight we all stood outside for almost two hours while the firefighters did their things.  Yes...there was an electrical fire.....A wall phone in the lobby caught on fire and it was ablaze....leaving the lobby and the bottom floor stinking like burning plastic....NOT a pretty smell.  Since we were up we ate and left to head for our resort where the Iconic Boyz would be doing there thing.
It was quite the three days.  With tons of girls stalking out the Iconic Boyz....finding out where they were staying in the hotel.......finding them in the pool or the hallways....getting hugs, autographs and photos.  My sister and I walked in to get some lunch and there were two of the boyz with their parents....we text the girls and they came over and ate lunch an arms length away from the two sister talked to the moms and got an awesome photo.  The girls were melting in their seats......too cute.  They got to dance with the boyz and they put a video together, they got to go to a performance by the boyz and several other young dance, sing groups......they were in heaven.
Another fun, exciting weekend.

Got home from the above event and had to get ready for a 4th of July family picnic.  A little tired but we had a great 4th.

I am hoping the rest of the summer will be a little less busy.
Hope yours is turning out well.